The following prototype web forms are available.

The forms are based on document only. There is no underlying database or any additional metadata information.

The purpose of this prototype was to implenent proof of concept for document-based wizards.

The results are promising and we believe that commercial variation of this prototype could be developed.

Nevertheless, we have encountered issues with codepage mismatching. If the source document is in Microsoft Word, as in our example and as anticipated in real-world scenarios, the Word editor will save the document in html format using character encoding of the windows operating system it is running on. This is very unfortunate, as the result of this is mismatch of the final encoding, resulting in various ill-displayed characters as can be seen in the presented prototypes.

We have intentionally left the html code, generated by the Microsoft Word, intact in order to enable direct display of defficiencies left in the code from the Microsoft Word editor. This issue will have to be solved before using Microsoft WOrd as the editor of choice for such smart forms.

Because this is a technical prototype, the form has default values already entered in the input fields to help with the testing, though this shoul not discourage you to enter your own input values.

Prototype form for Lithuania - Slovene version

Prototype form for Lithuania - English version